Our mission

We want to make our world a better place.
We aim to achieve this by bringing education and all of its benefits to the comfort of all Nigerians. For a start, we are providing a platform where every Nigerian wishing to gain admission into a higher education institution (HEI) can prepare for his/her relevant JAMB examination for free.

We are also working with HEIs in Nigeria to create unique online campus communities (MyMahadums) so registered students can access their course materials, socialise, network and interect with one another through our website.

MyMahadums will offer limitless opportunities for businesses and members of ourĀ  unique online communities to carry out economic activities such as buying, selling, renting, advertising, etc.

We know education is power and we exist so every Nigerian can have it. It's always going to be about Education for Us!

We really appreciate your patronage and we can only say Thank You