We are a very innovative and motivated team. Our services centre on the provision of world class, state of the art, unique learning management systems to higher education institutions (HEIs). We build, install, manage and train thus ensuring that our clients and their students are duly supported each step of the way towards enhanced educational experience. Our world-class systems provide access to available lecture materials; unique email addresses for all registered users; administer and provide feedback on exams, tests, quizzes, assignments, etc; check plagiarism; full eCommerce platform for various economic activities; etc etc.

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Study for your higher education entry exams on our website for free. All you need is to create a profile so you gain access to relevant subjects for your course of interest. You can also access all preparatory materials as a visitor if you chose not to create an account.


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We are working with universities to host course materials so their students can access relevant course materials at their comfort while socialising, interacting and networking with one another in a unique online campus community


You will benefit immensely by belonging to a unique online community of users (MyMahadums) where  you can socialise, network and interact with one another and carry out economic activities such as buy, sell, rent, share,etc

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As a Lecturer/Tutor, we want to help you enjoy your job even more. We make your course materials available to your students while you get on with other pressing issues. We also give you access to a unique community where you can interact and network with your colleagues.



As a campus based business, we work with you to grow your business through the unique markets (MyMahadums) we create and the simplicity of our processes

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